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Foreword by CE

Mr John Lee, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The 1st of July 2022 marked the historic moment of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

This year's celebrations carry the theme "A New Era – Stability. Prosperity. Opportunity". As we witness the steadfast and successful implementation of "One Country, Two Systems" ensured by the Hong Kong National Security Law and the improved electoral system, the celebrations will further showcase the brighter future of Hong Kong embracing the national development through leveraging our unique strengths under "One Country, Two Systems" and the unwavering support of the Central Government. The HKSAR Government and community organisations have prepared a series of celebration activities, some of which have been launched since the end of last year. A wide array of events will continue to unfold throughout this year. I look forward to welcoming everyone from the local community, the Mainland and overseas to share the festive joy.

The next five years will be the pivotal moments of Hong Kong's development towards governance and prosperity. As we celebrate the joyful occasion commemorating Hong Kong's return to the Motherland, I am fully confident of a promising future where we, under the auspices of our country, can give full play to our unique strengths under "One Country, Two Systems". Let's start a new chapter for Hong Kong together!

Mr John Lee
Chief Executive
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region